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Yeah she definitely has trouble with communication, both listening and talking. She has trouble listening to me expressing my concerns or what’s important and then in turn expressing herself with out being a bit over the top dick about things. Her explosive reaction click to my calmly talking about what’s important to me is then what she calls an argument even though the heat only came from her side so it’s just one big cycle of put up or shut up because expressing myself only turns into her blowing up then telling me that I’m always causing arguments and starting fights.

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East Coast’s sides ($2 each) have the same minimalist approach. For example, Audet’s pit baked beans aren’t at all like the kind you’ll get at ubiquitous chain eateries such as Shorty’s, Park Ave., or Smokey Bones (located just down the road and, sadly, busier). The beans are savory not sweet and have no tomato added.

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