Lets forget how ignored and barebones STW is

All in all, it a coin toss. Could be as soon as two days from application. We let you know our decision as soon as possible.” I ended up calling recon and the reason it wasn approved was because my address wasn on my credit report (I had just recently moved).

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I find the thoughts often come too fast. It like the thoughts I want to express arrive in the form of a complete schematic which immediately begins to fade and I have no way of copying it. So I have to relay the image as it is fading, and when it is completely gone a new image emerges in its place.

When I was in elementary school 10, 15 years ago, I was bullied relentlessly. One kid who often kicked me, punched me, shoved me, threw my lunch into the lake, etc came to be one day saying the next day, he was going to bring a knife to school and cut my head off. Went into replica hermes pillows detail how he do it and how good it would feel to saw my head off.

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Doesnt matter. Lets forget how ignored and barebones STW is. “Founders will get on going rewards for battle royale” Was their advertising line. Meditation. Sometimes life just moves too fast and there are so many things that give us anxiety, stress, etc. Which puts a strain on our mind and mentality at times.

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