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What’s really really fucking cool is windows built in file share. I’ll be editing on my main screen and searching for textures and whatnot on my touch monitor and I simply save the textures I like into my file share folder and drag it right into my workspace on my main monitor as if it was all one pc. Being able to use your finger instead of the trackpad is amazing.

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Recording calls is tricky. There are apps for this, but they are separate call apps. The funny thing is this is actually a problem with laws preventing people from hermes replica belt just recording conversations. Most of those who have jobs will long for the days when hermes birkin replica with box doing physical work was a thing. The masses of people who enjoyed constructing things with their hands will feel disconnected and miserable, as they ether have no purpose, or are stuck doing a job that they despise. Climate Catastrophe will create a massive refuge crisis on a scale never seen before.

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