I went to Indiana and we won at Autzen during one of Ngata years

But in football, his team gave up 25 touchdowns over a 2 year period, and Ngata had 24 PAT blocks. Lol. Ihaven followed them nearly as closely, but still root for them.I went to Indiana and we won at Autzen during one of Ngata years, which was unfathomable (it has been something like 24 years since Oregon lost a non conference home game and IU sucked, as usual).

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In the end the judge ruled there wasn’t enough evidence to say the claims made in the original article were truthful. In a case where the paper is getting sued for printing sexual misconduct allegations, it pretty basic that you need to call the person making the allegations if possible. If the paper legal team did their jobs, she have been deposed thoroughly prior to trial, so her testimony would be pretty much locked in.

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