I heard a quote recently that said behind every successful

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Iron round shield: this baby doesn get enough love. You get the heavy deflect of great shields (which the black/silver knight shields lack) on a medium shield. It seriously great to have that and still be able to Parry it really ups your damage output because of all the attacks of opportunity.

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But there are a lot of artworks you aren supposed to “get” because they simply expressions of their creator, interpreted through your experience. What you get from it is equal to what you put in. Blah blah blah, my comment happens on every popular post relating to semi unconventional art..

At the replica hermes dogon wallet 2010 Vancouver Olympics I broke my leg the day before my race. Four years later in Sochi, Russia I finished fourth. Neither of those results were what I had in mind when I left the start gate, and each was a replica hermes blanket crushing defeat. Law enforcement officials. The suspected bomber traveled by Tube to Victoria Station, went to the arena’s ticket area and detonated the explosive device as people were leaving the concert. Ball bearings have been recovered.

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If you think that “worker co ops ain possible see the Free Territory of Ukraine for a large scale version of what I said. It was ultimately destroyed by the Red Army, which goes to show how much they actually cared about workers. Worker co ops exist today as well, even amoungst the mass or corporate control.

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