At any rate, engineering was one example

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People would set up tents around the Ala Wai at night, making it sketchy to go for runs along the water.Then they changed the law to disallow leaving private property on public property, and the cops started coming in with dump trucks at night evicting them and trashing their stuff.This allowed the development of the huge amount of restaurants, shops condos in kakaako. I wound up moving out of Waikiki and buying a condo in one of the new high rises. Homeless settlements can function without interfering.

It would be a shock to loose how you make money. It would be for any of us, no matter how we go about making money. Or a shock for any of us to put in a lot of work and effort into something to have it disappear. Air Canada’s app hack If you have the Air Canada app on your phone, you’ll need to change your password. That’s because the company locked down all 1.7 million accounts after a possible breach. Personal information for about 20,000 customers might have been “improperly accessed.” That includes any data you may have saved in your profile on the app, like your passport number..

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We currently hardening our network for PCI compliance. We had a round of penetration testing that threw some flags, and we have a second round coming up but we been chasing our tails on a solution. The problem is the NetBIOS setting that has to be changed on each NIC..

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