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While this doesn seem very “patient centered” by American norms, it maximizes clinic efficiency. Also, if you like spending lots of quality time with your doctor, you are not going to get it in Taiwan. Appointments are exceedingly short (5 minutes is the norm) because the doctor usually has to see 200 patients per day.

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I’m usually pretty moderate as far as secularist activists go but as an excath who knows victims of the church’s sexual abuse this shit makes me so fucking mad. Of course he’s blaming tHe gAyS instead of owning up. Don’t replica hermes ashtray blame recent progress in societal norms for shit you and your predecessors have been doing for millennia..

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Its a little odd. But also something that i would imagine in most cases wouldnt be public.Ben and Pouncey have had this deal for a long time where they have both said that if one retires they are both done. Pouncey said he will not play past Bens retirement and that Ben has fake hermes belt said likewise (this was a lot weirder when pouncey was younger and even then hes only 29)I dont think it would be a rarirty for an aging QB to tell the GM him wanting to continue playing is contingent on retaining his All pro offensive lineman with his contract expiring soon.It certainly is odd that Ben says these things on a radio show publicly.On one hand, its kinda nice to get whats going on instead of PR speak or nothing.On the other hand.

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