Plus there is the small chance of meltdown if anything were to

Yes, it would guarantee a Trump victory, but many people seem to assume that establishment Democrats prefer Bernie to Trump. Their 1 issue is protecting their wealth, and which candidate poses the greater threat to the rich elite? It not even close. Even a lot of Sander proposals that were seen as in 2016 are now embraced by the mainstream democratic party (See Harris, Booker, etc.).

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Secondly, some might debate that the children rates are robbing the theatre from an adult price. There is no definitive guarantee that 2 children seats would have been converted to 2 adult seats. Another family could have brought in a family with 2 kids.

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Hermes Handbags While I agree that opposing nuclear as an alternative energy source is a bad idea, you are just plain wrong in stating that it is the “safest and least polluting option”. Nuclear produces toxic and radioactive waste which we still don know 100% what to do with (although there are solutions in the works). Plus there is the small chance of meltdown if anything were to ever go very wrong (with modern plants I am sure this risk is minuscule, but a risk nonetheless).. Hermes Handbags

Sept. 20, 2015: On NBC News, Trump hermes birkin 55cm replica was asked if he would becomfortable with a Muslim as president; he responded: “I can say that, you know, it’s something that at some point could happen. We will see. Soon it became clear he did not want me to work or go to school. He wanted me to stay at home, cook, clean, curate our overprivileged lives and support his thriving business. If we had kids, they would have been mostly my responsibility as well.

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