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The statute went into effect in late 2016 and since then, advocates have been appointed in five cases. Among other things, the advocates can investigate a case, make arguments and present recommendations to a judge. In arguing for the law’s passage, supporters cited research that found people who abuse animals are often violent toward people..

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I not american but if they were serious about this militia thing they should have an organized milita for every state. They, and they alone, get to hold advanced military equipment for the citizens and train them in using those. The gun people get to shoot things (during training) and no gun people get to have their kids survive school.

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Part of existence is working on the boring task of being a better person. And here, even the smartest guy is still flawed by the human condition. With that perspective, I don really get why people don understand why some idolize Rick, especially the ones who think their “above average” intellect makes them superior to those around them.

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